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Sidewinder FAQ

  • What Are Sidewinders?
    Hose Candy Sidewinders are a patent-pending kit that transforms your engine hoses with CNC quick-couplers.
    Hose Candy also:
    • Eliminates broken fittings or barbs during removal or troubles with unyielding, rigid hose ends
    • Connects and disconnects in a moment with half a twist of your finger and thumb.
    • Combines the functionality of the best high-tech medical quick couplers, expensive industrial couplers AND (anodized CNC) eye candy into a complete vacuum and turbo hose “transformation” kit – at an affordable price
    • Delivers an amazing hose-end effect that you've got to see to believe!

  • Are the multi-color CNC Couplers just for looks?
    No, not just for looks. The color coded CNC fittings are not only visually stunning, they're unbelievably practical.
    • Leak-proof, they eliminate power-robbing vacuum leaks and withstand high under-hood temperatures
    • Provide the performance of a positive seal.
    • Rated for -30 inches of vacuum and 125 P.S.I. of pressure
    • Prevents breaking lines, hoses and knuckles.
    • Connect and disconnect with a 1/2 twist.
    • Makes diagnosing engine problems quicker and easier.

  • How do Sidewinders prevent swearing?
    Well, Hose Candy prevents you from smashing your knuckles when trying to pry hoses loose from barbed fittings. It also prevent breaking the brittle hose barbs off emission sensors and other expensive devices. This is a proven fact that our early Hose Candy "beta-testers" shared as a major benefit. This "benefit" also depends on how much you swear! 

  • What vehicles will Sidewinders work on?
    Hose Candy can be used on vacuum, turbo and pneumatic hoses for any vehicle including: motorcycles and ATV's. Fittings are included to adapt to all common standard and metric hose sizes.

  • What colors are available?
    Black, red, blue, gold/yellow and silver. Soon to be released is green and purple. Silicone Hose is available in black, red, and blue.
  • How long does it take to install?
    Hose Candy is designed to be quick and easy to install. The exact time will depend on how many vacuum or turbo hoses you want to transform. Fitting assembly is very simple and fast. In 60 seconds, you’ll learn the secret behind Hose Candy’s modular assembly and within minutes you’ll be amazed, staring at your first hose transformation.

  • How many Sidewinder kits are available?
    Right now there are several different Hose Candy Sidewinder kits. Check out the Sidewinders product page.

  • Which kit should I buy?
    The Basic Hose Candy Kit is recommended for gearheads that want to transform the hose on 1-3 vehicles. Of course that will depend on on how many fittings you use per vehicle.
    The Master Hose Candy Kit is recommended for professional installers, performance shops, Hot Rod shops, racing teams or those wanting more installation options.

  • What is modular or "erector set" design?
    The Hose Candy CNC aluminum rotating collars permanently snap onto modular hose ends and can be custom formed in dozens of different configurations. The modular or “erector set” design is what makes it possible to deliver CNC good looks and leak-proof performance for under $100 -- instead of $200-300.

  • What's Included in The Kit?
    Your Sidewinder kit includes all the necessary components and fitting sizes you’ll need to transform your OE and aftermarket vacuum and turbo hoses - as well as your entire engine compartment. The Kit includes:
    • CNC color Rotators - Short
    • Snap-Barb fittings all common sizes
    • Twist-Barb fittings all common sizes
    • Custom Rubber Adapters/Connectors multi-size
    • Hose reducers
    • Quick-Unions (straight)
    • Quick-Tee Adapter
    • Quick-Tee Coupler
    • Quick-90 Adapters
    • Quick-90 Union
    • Quick Adapters (straight)
    • Quick-Plugs
    • Color Super-Shrink hose effect
    • Double sided case
    • Instructions (DVD soon)

  • What are Sidewinders used for?
    Hose Candy Sidewinders are ideal for all vacuum or pressure actuated components.
    • Works on turbo systems, vacuum-operated carburetors, air intake systems, vacuum-advance mechanisms, EGR fittings, evaporative emission controls, MAP sensors, crankcase breathers, boost controllers, even wiper systems, transmitting either vacuum or fluid.
    • Quick-tee allows diagnostic equipment to be connected, allowing vacuum and pressure gauge readings to be taken in seconds. Great for dyno work!
    • Note: Not recommended for fuel.

  • What are some other uses for Sidewinders?
    Pneumatic Controls
    Hose Candy works well with 4x4 pneumatic air lockers and pneumatic air bag controls.
    Emission Controls
    Hose Candy is rated to carry low pressure vehicle emission gases used in evaporative emission controls.
    Windshield Washer Fluid Hoses
    Hose Candy fittings work great for transforming windshield washer fluid lines with quick-couplers.

    Note: Not recommended for fuel

  • Once you assemble a CNC Rotator can it be removed?
    No, once a CNC Rotator has been installed on a "Snap-Barb" connector it is a permanent fitting. What you need to remember here is "when it clicks it sticks". When you hear the "click" it's a permanently assembled fitting. The CNC collars will then rotate for easy quick-coupling.

  • How do you achieve the stunning hose-end effects?
    There are several components to achieve Hose Candy's award-winning good looks. Namely, the CNC Rotators and the Super-Shrink" sleeve. Individually and combined they provide a very unique look. You can choose the black "stealth" look or choose a bright color like gold/yellow to contrast with other engine components. The Hose Candy Super-Shrink is the "candy coating" for your hoses. It will make even standard black hose look show worthy. Just slide the Super-Shrink over the hose, heat and watch your hoses come alive. You can also use our Silicone hose available in a variety of colors to enhance the performance and look of your vacuum and turbo hoses.

  • Do you also sell vacuum and turbo hose?
    Yes. We sell a very high-performance silicone vacuum hose at a very inexpensive price. We sell two Hose Candy Silicone Hose Kits available in red, blue and black.

    The Stage 1 Kit which includes 22' of high performance thick wall silicone tubing in the following sizes:
    (2') 10 mm, (8') 6 mm, (12') 4 mm I.D. Heavy Wall

    The Stage 2 Kit includes 50' of high performance thick wall silicone tubing in the following sizes:
    (5') 10 mm, (5') 8 mm ,(10') 6 mm, (15') 4 mm, (15') 3 mm I.D. Heavy Wall

  • What are the pressure and temp ratings?
    The Hose Candy fittings are leak-proof, eliminating power-robbing vacuum leaks from -30 inches of vacuum to 125 P.S.I. and withstand high under-hood temperatures.