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Hose Candy Carb Couplers Universal

1.00 LBS
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Product Description

Hose Candy Carb Couplers Universalsidewinders200.png

Hose Candy™ has a Patent Pending quick coupler system, known as Sidewinders, that converts any vacuum or turbo hose connection into a quick disconnect. The color coding provides a show stopping look. Installation requires only minutes and half a twist! Hose Candy Sidewinders are available in four kits: Master, Basic and Single Car Kit, as well a Carb Coupler Kit. Each kit is available in 7 colors.  This Carb Coupler Kit is made to work with your Edelbrock Carburetor.

NOTE: Hose sold separately

The Carb Coupler Universal kit includes:

  • CNC color Rotators - Short
  • Snap-Barb fittings all common sizes
  • Twist-Barb fittings all common sizes
  • Custom Rubber Adapters/Connectors multi-size
  • Hose reducers
  • Quick-Unions (straight)
  • Quick-Tee Adapter
  • Quick-Tee Coupler
  • Quick-90 Adapters
  • Quick-90 Union
  • Quick Adapters (straight)
  • Quick-Plugs
  • Color Super-Shrink hose effect
  • Instructions (DVD soon)

Warranty Information

Sidewinder Features

  • Convert all vacuum and turbo hoses into quick couplers
  • Prevents breaking vacuum lines and knuckles
  • Eliminates power robbing vacuum leaks
  • CNC quick-connect with 1/2 twist and color code connections
  • Works on carbs, turbos, vacuum controls and fits new or original hose
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Turn traditional vacuum or turbo hoses into quick couplers minimizing leaks, making them quick and easy to connect or disconnect and look amazing. Vacuum lines and hoses are almost always overlooked and can be a real source of frustration, because they get hard and brittle over time making them almost impossible to disconnect they will crack on you, giving you vacuum leaks. And of course they look bad.

Hose Candy sidewinders allow you to build your hoses with quick disconnects to take all the hassle out of messing with vacuum hoses. Now the kits come with every kind of fitting and adapter and connector that you can imagine, and they've also got these cool anodized aluminum ends in different colors to finish of your hoses and give you a great look. So you have the option now of running your hoses, in whatever configuration that you want.

So what you've got here is the convenience of a quick disconnect, the performance of a positive seal, and the visual punch of cool lines and hoses. You've got Hose Candy.

  • Patent-pending, converts all vacuum and turbo hoses into quick-couplers
  • Eliminate broken fittings or barbs during removal or troubles with unyielding, rigid hose ends
  • Connect and disconnect in a moment with half a twist of your finger and thumb.

Transformation. In minutes, Hose Candy will transform the looks, performance and efficiency of your vacuum and turbo hoses on vehicles ranging from $5K-$200K. Just wait ‘till you see the patent-pending hose- end effects.

Quick and easy to install. In 60 seconds, you’ll learn the secret behind Hose Candy’s modular assembly and within minutes you’ll be amazed, staring at your first hose transformation. This modular “secret” is what allows us to sell a Hose Candy kit for less than $100, instead of $200-$300.

Practical Performance. You’ll love the convenience of a revolutionary CNC quick-disconnect and the performance of a positive seal -- making it painless to connect and disconnect hoses. (Never again bust your knuckles or swear trying to pry hoses off barbed fittings.)


Product Videos

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    Stacey Demos Oomph! Labs' Hose Candy Quick Disconnect Fittings.


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