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Hose Bones Big Block Radiator Hose Kit (For 1-3/4 - 2" ID Hoses)

4.00 LBS
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Product Description

Hose Bones Big Block Radiator Hose Kit (For 1-3/4"- 2" ID Hoses) 

Hose Bones is a new patent pending technology that allows users to custom form a radiator hose in 60 seconds to look just like an original custom molded hose. This is great for custom builds and saves time trying to cut existing hoses to find just the right bend. The Hose Bones Radiator Hose Kits come with your choice of Hose Skins.

Hose Bones Radiator Hose Kits also come with a special stainless steel internal skeletal structure that can hand form 90° bends, curves and any custom shape.

Hose Bones Big Block Radiator Hose Kit comes in three different lengths.  

Hose Bones Big Block Radiator Hose Kit Includes:

  • Heat Shrinkable BOA Clamps (4) 2.25 - 2.5"
  • Super Heat Shrink (2)
  • Carbon Fiber/Kevlar Hose Skins
  • S.S Internal Skelton
  • Rubber adapters to fit 1.75” & 2” ports
  • 18”, 24” & 36” Lengths- Cut to size

Warranty Information

Hose Candy Skin Kits

Hose Candy Skin Kits provide the ultimate in custom styling and enhanced performance. This Kit includes Boa Clamps Hose Skins for your vehicle. For the right fit, there is no “one size fits all”.

You'll need and want a Radiator Hose Bones for your vehicle which will make installation a breeze. You have a choice on your Skin Color: Black/Black, Blue/Black, Red/Black, Green/Black, Yellow/Black, Orange/Black

Open your hood and take a look at your hoses. Do you like what you see? You now have options for those ugly hoses, ugly worm gear clamps and that same old stainless steel braided hose. It's about time you have an option to stainless steel braided hoses or just those plain old ugly hoses. Hose Candy's Hose Skins look great in any application and are featured on many Ringbrothers builds including the award winning Producer Mustang. You can take any stock or custom hose, and install Hose Skins over it, hide the cut ends with Boa clamps and install colored boa sleeves for the ultimate custom look at a fraction of the cost of stainless steel over braided.

  • Hose Candy Kits make it easy and save you time, we've assembled all the components that you will need
  • It's amazing how quick your underhood transformation takes place with a complete kit
  • Contains the best Hose Candy products that fit your specific project
  • Kits make it easy to get started with Hose Candy since there are so many options

Hose Skins

The new Carbon Fiber and Kevlar Hose Skins feature a proprietary weave and coating system called SkinPosite making it now possible for DIY users to “skin” their own hoses in their shop or garage. Prior to the release of Hose Skins with SkinPosite technology, it was not possible for DIY users to effectively install high tech fibers like carbon fiber or Kevlar over hoses, it had to be done by the manufacturer. SkinPosite technology solves several problems when working with high tech fibers: it makes them quick and simple to install, keeps the fiber pattern aligned, conforms to tight bends without “bunching”, prevents the fibers from getting the “fuzzy” look or from catching on sharp objects and they look amazing.

Not only do High Tech Hose Skins look great, but they offer light weight protection to help provide bullet-proof hoses.

  • Peace of mind knowing hoses are protected against heat and abrasion damage
  • Skinposite Carbon fiber/Kevlar
  • Many colors, textures and patterns
  • Stainless steel braid alternative

Boa Clamps

These patented clamps replace ugly worm gear clamps that you never have to be retightened thanks to the dynamic tension technology. You heat them to shrink to size and they will will never let go.

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  • Eliminate hose leaks forever and never retighten a hose clamp again
  • Sizes from 1/2" - 3-1/2" and will heat shrink to conform to any shape
  • Get ride of ugly worm gear and spring clamps with a clean low profile look
  • Boa Clamps will never rust or cut you
  • Super easy to install with a heat gun

Hose Bones

This is a new patent pending technology that allows users to custom form a hose in 60 seconds to look just like an original custom molded hose. This is great for custom builds and saves time trying to cut existing hoses to find just the right bend. Hose Bones can also come with your choice of Hose Skins.

Hose bones comes with a special stainless steel interior skeletal structure that will retain its shape when bent and formed. Hose bones can hand form 90° bends, curves and any custom shape and will retain that custom shape. Another great feature is if you didn't make the correct bend… no worries, it is easily re-formable.

Another amazing feature is that those candy allows for multi-axis complex bends. This gives the user unlimited ways to custom form the hose. If the hose has to bend up, then sideways, next bend down then turn the other direction and finally go back the direction it came from … it's all possible . Hose bones will also prevent kinking of the hose as it will have a minimum bend radius.

Hose candy sells hose bones in a variety of hose materials. Since the skeletal structure is stainless steel it is compatible with virtually all automotive fluids. For vacuum and turbo hoses hose bones utilizes a silicone hose jacket that has excellent performance in high-temperature applications and is available in a variety of sizes and colors. hose bones has the appearance of standard silicone hose that is custom shaped and molded. This provides a very expensive and custom formed look that has never before been possible for the do-it-yourselfer.

Not only is hose bones custom formable, but like the bones in your body it provides incredible strength. Even in the most extreme vacuum conditions hose bones will not collapse or leak. hose bones will also prevent expansion of the hose in higher pressure applications thereby helping the hose stay attached to the hose barbs while preventing leaks. Imagine never having to worry about your brake booster hose collapsing or leaking during high vacuum or braking conditions. The hose bones's metal liner significantly improves the overall strength of the hose and will help to prevent damage and leaks … all at the same time allowing for custom formed hose.

The hose and bones skeletal structure is made of stainless steel and can be used to produce many different hose products. Hose bones comes in silicone hose, fuel line, heater hose, evaporative emissions hose, and many other types of hoses. Hose bones is patent pending because of its revolutionary design and application.


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